Marin Albu - Producător de instrumente muzicale
sat Dobrotești, comuna Dobrotești, jud.Teleorman
Instrumente muzicale
Chirimbu Ionel - Producător Mobilă Tradițională
Mun. Slatina, jud. Olt
Producător Mobilă Tradițională
BACO FASHION ATELIER - Atelier de Croitorie
Municipiul Alexandria, jud.Teleorman
Suntem un mic atelier de croitorie în care producem lenjerii de pat din bumbac, bumbac satinat, măști din bumbac, halate de unică folosință, bonete de unică folosință.
Tatiana Koleva - national dolls
Rousse, Bulgaria
Tatiana Koleva is a master of folk art crafts - making national dolls, since 2018 she has been performing with another folk craft - weaving leather belts. Since 2009, he has participated in all exhibitions of „Danube Cooperative”. Represented Bulgaria at International Festivals in Istanbul in 2014, 2019 and 2020.
Krasimir Sivov - master artistic treatment of leather
Rousse, Bulgaria
Krasimir Sivov - master artistic treatment of leather. At the beginning of 2014, after successfully passing the exam, he received a master's certificate and became a member of the Danube Cooperative. Eight years before that, he started working with leather. There are a number of successful performances - Fair of crafts in Nova Zagora 2009, Festival of folk traditions and artistic crafts in Razgrad 2009, International fair of crafts in AEK „Etara” 2009, 2010, 2011; followed by participation in the XVI and XVII International Fair of Arts and Crafts in Varna. As a member of „Danube Zadruga” Krasimir is part of the group that represents Bulgaria at the International Festival of Arts and Crafts „Şile-Turkey”; International Festival of Arts and Crafts „Büyükçekmece-Turkey”; in 2017 and 2020
Yordan Petrov - Artistic wood processing
Rousse, Bulgaria
Yordan Petrov - a master with the craft of artistic wood processing. They have been engaged in woodturning since 1980. Together with the Ruse group of the masters of artistic crafts, they are presented as a guest at the regional exhibitions of ZMNHZ in Targovishte and Ruse. As a member of „Danube Cooperative”, he participates in all the association's events, in 2015 and 2016 he participated in the International Crafts Fair at AEK „Etara”; in 2019 he is part of the group that represents Bulgaria at the International Folklore Festival in „Büyükçekmece - Turkey”.