Testuri pentru paine pe vatra
Rosiori de Vede, Teleorman
Suntem singurii producatori de produse traditionale romanesti pentru facut paine pe vatra (testuri). Produsele sunt facute in stil traditional, ca pe vremea dacilor. Painea si mancarea pregatita in aceste tipuri de cuptoare din lut este o delicatesă.
Producător de obiecte ceramice
Sat Măldăeni, comuna Măldăeni, jud.Teleorman
Ceramică de Cucuteni
Ceramica de Oboga
Comuna Oboga, Județul Olt, România
Sculpturi Lemn
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Angel Mitrofanov – maestru sculptor în lemn
Ruse, Bulgaria
Angel Mitrofanov – master woodcarver since 1979. Since 1981, chairman of the Ruse group of ZMNHZ; one of the founders of „Danube Cooperative”. Angel Mitrofanov is the doyen of the group of Ruse masters. As a style in his work, Angel Mitrofanov has preferences for classical woodcarving – he makes decorative panels, stylish furniture with woodcarving for furnishing rooms in public buildings, offices, homes. Participates in national and international exhibitions.
Boryana Mocheva - master with the craft of „art fabrics”
Ruse, Bulgaria
Boryana Mocheva - master with the craft of „art fabrics”, member of „Danube Cooperative” since 2018. Graduated „Fine Art” from VTU, long-time teacher, director of High School of Fashion Design, artist by heart and by vocation. He shows his multifaceted talent in various crafts – icon painting, painted silk, painted glass, engraving on natural leather. Boryana Mocheva represents Bulgaria at the Şile-Turkey International Festival of Arts and Crafts in 2018; Büyükçekmece–Istanbul International Arts and Crafts Festival in 2018 and 2020.
Desislava Tiholova - Jewelry from beads
Ruse, Bulgaria
Desislava Tiholova makes jewelry from beads. Philologist and folklorist by profession, part of the team of the Ruse Regional Historical Museum, and since 2016 a master of folk arts and crafts. During expeditions and meetings in which she participated in different regions of the country, Desislava collected and studied various models and techniques for working with beads. Since 2009, he regularly participates in the International Crafts Fair at AEK Etara, participates in Crafts Week in Plovdiv, Pazardzhik. There are publications related to the use of beads in traditional Bulgarian culture: „Traditional bead decorations - function and semantics”; „Beaded decorations and accessories in museum collections”; „Beads in Bulgarian traditional culture”.
Kremena Dimitrova - master of folk art crafts - Kalofer lace
Ruse, Bulgaria
Kremena Dimitrova, master of folk art crafts - Kalofer lace. An engineer by education, with a second master's degree - accounting, and a heart - in love with lace. There are many successful participations: „Miracle Birds” contest in the city of Vologda, Russia; Spanish magazine Bollilleras logo contest; participates in a magazine contest - „My Christmas Lace”; participates in European days of arts and crafts in the city of Elena; participated in competitions in Bruges - Belgium and in the Netherlands in connection with the congresses of lacemakers held there; for several years he participated in demonstrations of making Kalofer lace at AEK „Etara” and at the Historical Museum in Smolyan.
Margarita Boneva - master of Kalofer lace
Ruse, Bulgaria
Margarita Boneva master of Kalofer lace. Margarita Boneva is a philologist by profession, a long-time teacher of Bulgarian language and literature. Participated in many exhibitions, presentations, demonstrations - Historical Museum G. Oryahovitsa 2000; National Palace of Culture - exhibition of the Association of Domestic Workers; exhibitions and demonstrations in Romania, the cities of Constanta and Rushtori di Vedi; laces woven by her graced the pages of Lace express magazine published in Canada for several years; participation in a logo contest of the Spanish magazine Bollilleras and won first prize; the following year it was ranked first for the second time; participated in competitions in Bruges-Belgium and in the Netherlands in connection with the congresses of lacemakers held there. The laces woven by Margarita bring beauty far beyond the borders of our country - Greece, Spain, Romania, America.
Maria Bratkova - craftsman „Artistic knitting - Kalofer lace”
Ruse, Bulgaria
Maria Bratkova - craftsman „Artistic knitting - Kalofer lace”, member of „Danube cooperative” since 2014, engineer by education. Since 2011, he has been turning his hobby into a full-time occupation. Participates in the exhibition „Dialogue between past and present” in the National Ethnographic Museum Sofia; in 2013 he traveled to the city of Presov /Slovakia/ and performed at the International Lace Festival; participated in the international festival „Miracle Birds” in the city of Vologda, Russia; performs at international lace festivals in Krakow /Slovakia/, Vanberg /Czech Republic; in 2018 he participated in summer trainings organized and held at the Palace in Balchik.
Sevim Ganeva - master of white embroidery and needlework
7012 Roussé, Bulgaria
Sevim Ganeva master of white embroidery and needlework since 1991. In 2013 he successfully represented Bulgaria at prestigious festivals in Turkey - Istanbul - Pendik and Buyukcekmedze, town of Shile. In 2019, he represented Bulgaria at an international arts and crafts festival in Uzbekistan.