Cross-border Area


North Central

South Muntenia
South-West Oltenia

The KIDS project’s main goal is to jointly promote the tourism attractions in the cross border area. The cross-border approach is essential considering that the area is extremely rich in cultural and natural heritage (which is the basis for numerous tourism activities, an important source of added value for any vacation) but suffers from a poor promotion of this heritage. KIDS will use modern instruments which will increase the degree of know-how and the attractiveness of the touristic objectives and activities in the cross-border area for families with children, both from Romania and Bulgaria.
It is important for children to learn in an attractive and engaging way about the natural and cultural heritage of the cross-border region and about the neighboring country – Romania or Bulgaria.
The project’s objectives can’t be met without the involvement of partners from the two sides of the border:
– the 3 guided tours will include sites from both sides of the border
– the Family Fun Festivals will be organised in both countries and they will have a cross-border approach, as the attendants will be both from Romania and Bulgaria and all the activities that will take place will consider the cultural and gastronomic heritage of both countries
– the targeted schools for promoting the CBC natural and cultural heritage in general, and the products of the project in particular will be selected both from Romania and Bulgaria

The activities will be carried out and coordinated among partners on both sides of the border. All partners will have regular contact and will collaborate in order to develop the mobile application (CCMP EUROPROJECT is responsible), to develop the 3 guided tours (CCI VRATSA), the 25 events in schools (12 CCMP EUROPROJECT, 6 BIC INNOBRIDGE, 7 CCI VRATSA), the 4 Family Fun Festivals (2 CCMP EUROPROJECT and 2 CCI VRATSA) and to develop and implement the management plan (BIC INNOBRIDGE). CCMP EUROPROJECT will be responsible for ensuring that activities are properly coordinated, that schedules are kept and that the right quality levels are achieved.

Most of the sites from the cross-border area are unknown and fairly unattractive for the target group of this project – families with children. In addition to this, there is an almost total unconcern of authorities and acute shortage of the funds necessary to offer touristic alternatives for children and their families. The analysis of the tourists needs in the cross-border area revealed a lack of information about the leisure/ cultural/ sportive activities that can be associated with a vacation in the region. Tourists in general and families with children in particular don’t have an accurate image of the cross-border tourism attractions and destinations belonging to various types of tourism (cultural, active, entertainment, health) and therefore it is difficult to attract them into longer stays in the area. The project provides a solution to this problem: an integrated offer promoting touristic resources and attractions in the cross-border area targeting an ignored segment of population, but with a great potential – children and their families.