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The consortium will develop two instruments that will increase the degree of know-how and the attractiveness of the touristic objectives and activities in the cross-border area for families with children.

  • The first one is the mobile application that will contain an inventory of the main touristic attractions for families with children, presented in a fun and easy way to understand by all ages. The users will fill in a short questionnaire and based on the answers they will be directed to one of the 3 self-guided tours offered through the project. Fun and Sports Tour, Cultural Tour, Natural Landscapes Tour. After choosing a tour, the users will find out interesting facts about each location from the CB region they will visit and they will be asked to solve fun challenges at 5-7 locations per tour, thus earning points. At the end of the game, the users will receive their final score and they will learn how well they performed compared to others.
  • The second instrument is represented by a travel-kit especially designed for children – it will include a backpack filled with fliers, lanterns, maps, first aid kits, 3D brochures, thematic caps etc. The two instruments will make exploring the natural and cultural heritage from the cross-border region fun, interactive and engaging.

The consortium will organize 25 events in schools throughout the cross-border area during which the products of the project – the Family Fun Festivals, the 3 self-guided tours and the mobile application – will be presented to the children and their parents. All the children present at the events will be given the travel kits especially designed for them.

In order to further promote and valorize the RO-BG cultural heritage, the consortium will organize 2 Family fun festivals which will include tournaments, painting, crafts, poetry, music, arts and traditions, food from cross-border area. Each festival will have at least 300 attendants from both countries, most of them being families with children.